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5 Tips to Mix and Match Bikinis

by Karen Louis July 08, 2019

5 Tips to Mix and Match Bikinis

We love our swimsuits, and thanks to innovations in products and marketing, the industry is booming. Swimsuit sales have increased so much that the market is expected to reach $28 million by 2024.

But no matter how many you have, there is always that one that is your favorite. You wish you could wear it more, but you don't want to always be seen wearing the same suit.

When you mix and match bikinis, you can wear your favorite tops and bottoms more often! Shake things up by taking the top from your favorite bikini and wearing it with a different pair of bottoms.

Want to know how to make your mixed bikinis look good? Well, keep reading for everything you need to know.

1. Mix Your Prints

Don't be afraid to mix and match your prints. This is your chance to get creative and take a risk.

You can choose an in your face wild animal pattern like leopard or cheetah. Then pair it with a solid traditional print like stripes. This balances the two patterns against each other.

Another option is to look at the size of the print. You could have one piece that features a large bold print, while the other piece will have a micro print.

You could choose a top that features a micro print of flowers. Then a pair of bottoms that features large, bold flowers. The flower theme ties everything together while the two patterns add some contrast and visual interest.

2. Pair Your Solids

If you are new to mixing and matching or are nervous about getting started, then mixing solids is a safe place to start. Choose two colors that are matching or contrasting.

You could pair a sunny yellow with a bright green or blue. Or you could have a bold red paired with a vibrant orange. Another option is to contrast with red and purple, or green and orange.

To make this strategy look good, think about the tone and vibrancy of the colors.

One thing to avoid is trying to match two pieces that are the same color, but slightly off in shade or tone. It won't accomplish the bold statement you are hoping for.

3. Think About Your Silhouette

Now that you have the color and pattern figured out, you need to think about the cut of the bikini pieces. You want to choose two pieces that will balance each other.

To make your bikini look like it was meant to be, you'll want to match the style of the cut. You'll also want to consider the amount of coverage you'll have.

For some, skimpy all over is ok. For others, this is just way too much. You want to choose two pieces that will compliment your body's shape.

If you are going to wear high waisted bottoms, then try pairing them with a feminine top. Don't wear a tankini with boyshorts; you'll look like a Victorian Era swimmer.

4. Stay in a Theme

If you are struggling to mix and match, try sticking to a theme. You could pick two different tribal patterns or animal prints. This makes it easier to know that the two pieces you choose will look good together.

Another strategy is to choose a theme like vintage. This will help you find pieces that will give you an overall polished look.

If you stick with a theme like vintage, then you can be more confident that the two pieces will complement each other with materials, colors, and cut.

5. Get out of Your Comfort Zone

You summertime bikini is the perfect place to get out of your shell and try something outside of your comfort zone. Maybe you love to wear black and shy away from vibrant colors. Challenge yourself to wear something bright.

Maybe you always buy bikini bottoms that are cut with a certain level of coverage. Embrace your body and choose a pair of bottoms with slightly less coverage.

Remember, it's summertime, and you're supposed to be having fun. So inject some fun into your bikini and throw on that neon pink top you've been too scared to wear.

6. Get the Perfect Fit

If you are going to mix and match, then there is no excuse for an ill-fitting bikini. We all know the struggle of trying to find a bikini set that fit on both your top and bottom. With matching, you have the freedom to buy your tops and bottoms individually.

When shopping for bottoms, think about the shape of your bum. Then find a cut that will flatter and enhance your shape.

For your tops, start by adjusting the straps to make sure they aren't digging in or slipping off your shoulders. Then adjust your breasts in the cups. They should be fully enclosed and supported.

The final step is to check that the back isn't riding up or the sides sliding around.

7. Think About the Material

If you stick with the standard bikini material, then this point shouldn't be a big deal. However, you like to wear unique materials like crocheted or neoprene bathing suits; then you'll need to consider the material.

You want the materials to make sense next to each other. After all, neoprene bikinis tend to be sportier and made to withstand more activity in the water. Yout crocheted bikini will not hold up to this kind of abuse.

Mix and Match Bikinis, It's Your Turn

Now that you have the basics, you are ready to mix and match bikinis. Start with your favorite pieces that you already own. The add to your collection by buying individual tops and bottoms.

Buy some new bikini pieces today and start mixing and matching this summer.

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Karen Louis
Karen Louis

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