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Slither on the Beach in Style with a Snake Print Bikini

by Karen Louis August 06, 2019

We've been experiencing one of the hottest summers in history this year. There's one good thing to come from it, at least. It's bikini season! 

Bikinis have been increasingly trending in recent years. Only one out of five women will be wearing a one-piece bathing suit this year. That means 80% of women are looking for a flattering bikini that suits their style. 

Snake print is always in, for several reasons. Snakes are a symbol of change and transformation, for one thing. They're also a symbol of healing and power. 

Let's take a look at this season's snake print trend! 

Your Guide To The Snake Print Trend

Fashion is cyclical. It goes through cycles of death and regeneration, just like what serpents represent. It's all-too-appropriate that snakeskin is experiencing a resurgence. 

Snakeskin prints were super in during the mid-2000s. Now that the oughts are starting to becoming retro, they're experiencing a resurgence, just like any other era. 

That means you can look back on mid-'00s fashion for some ideas on different ways to wear snake print. 

Now let's dig into the trend itself. 

Who Wears Snake Print Bikinis?

You may be asking yourself, "Who looks good in a snake print bikini?" The short answer is - EVERYBODY! Everybody looking for sexy bikinis, that is, regardless of body type. 

First of all, snake print tends to come in a variety of colors, from wildly colorful to neutral tones. That means there's a snake print for every skin tone. 

Snake print is also a pattern, so it adds excitement and interest to any outfit while still being subdued and elegant when you need it to be. 

Why Wear Snake Print?

Animal prints always evoke passion, wildness, and energy. If you're looking for a subtle way to broadcast your wild side while still being a bit more unusual than the more common big cat prints, snake print is an excellent choice. 

Furthermore, snake print is a pattern, as we've already mentioned. That means it's slimming, similar to vertical stripes. If you're looking for a pattern that will flatter your figure, snake print is an excellent choice. 

Finally, snake print doesn't just come in sandy brown, gray, and black. There are more types of serpents than bull snakes and rattlers after all. 

Take the Baby Cobra Triangle Top, for instance. You'll look positively deadlyin its soft pink scales. No one will be avoiding your bite, though. 

Now let's take a look at some of our particular favorite sexy swimsuits! 

Arizona Cobra

The Arizona Cobra is a perfect bikini if you're looking to blend the subtle and the striking. The Arizona Cobra pattern combines vibrant blues and greens with the more neutral sandy brown, so it'll work whether you're looking to blend in or stand out. 

That also means it's easy to match with any outfit or accessories. You'll be able to match any environment, just like a viper. 

The Arizona Cobra bikini is a good choice for a wide array of different body types. The Arizona Cobra triangle bikini top is fully adjustable, with removable padding and back and neckties. It offers a bit more coverage than other bikini tops if you're looking for something a bit more modest. 

That goes for the Arizona Cobra bikini bottom, as well. The higher waistline and adjustable side ties make it a good pick for those looking for a bikini bottom that won't show everything

The Arizona Cobra's colorful pattern also features a pop of black and gold. This gives an elegance to the snake print that makes it suitable for a number of different scenarios. 

Electric Cobra

The 2000s aren't the only era making a comeback. The '90s have been coming back into style, as well, as they do every couple of years. That makes the Electric Cobra a good fit if you're looking to bring back the early days of Lollapalooza and Warped Tour. 

The Electric Cobra snake print bikini forsakes the subtlety of earth tones for vibrant, jewel-like hues. Just because it's not subtle doesn't mean it's not classy, however. The Electric Cobra Bikini Top and Bikini Bottom both feature upscale jewelry-style hardware so the accessories are built-in.

The Electric Cobra bikini is fully customizable, as well, just like the Arizona Cobra. The bikini top features removable padding and adjustable ties. The bikini bottom also features adjustable ties so you'll be able to get the perfect fit. 

Kalena Sport 

Not every bikini looks like the traditional mermaid style two-piece. The Kalena Top strikes the perfect balance between a traditional bikini and a one-piece swimming suit! 

The Kalena Sport bikini top is its most striking feature. It brings some cool, classy surfer girl vibes to the bikini. It's got a high neck, scooped armholes, and a cute racerback. It could even serve as a top once you're finished at the pool or beach. 

Both the Kalena Sport top and bikini bottom come in a striking electric blue. If you're looking for a futuristic look this summer, this is it! 

Snakeskin bikinis are stylish enough to serve as an outfit in themselves, but they're also down-to-Earth and subtle. Like a serpent, snake print bikinis will help you match whatever environment you're in. 

Looking For More Swimwear Style?

Style changes faster than the seasons. Blink and you'll miss some trend in bikinis or one-piece swimsuits. 

We're here to bring you the slickest, cutest swimwear styles and trends! Whether you're looking for advice on how to wear snake print bikinis or the most iconic swimwear looks of all time, we've got you! 

Make sure to follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest for even more lavish looks.  

Karen Louis
Karen Louis

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