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Take The Best Instagram Swimsuit Pics In 3 Easy Steps

by Karen Louis February 19, 2019

The Summer sun is finally starting to shine on us and we can hear the beach calling!
Before you jet off, make sure you’re equipped to get your Instagram snaps pitch perfect. Here’s how to make the most of the lush scenery behind you, show off that beautiful bod and of course expertly model that new Mavele swimsuit!


You’re on the beach, lucky you! There’ll be tons of picturesque views, great lighting and even a few palm tree shadows you can use to your advantage. For a radiant effect that doesn’t need a filter, make the most of the natural light. Sun-kissed skin and bold bikinis look fantastic under golden sun rays. Bright teal ocean water and the pale contrast of beach sand make a great backdrop. Try to find an empty spot to create your own personal ‘deserted island’ vibe. Looking for a more chilled effect? Pose under the cool eaves of a palm tree and allow slivers of sunlight to streak across your body for a cinematic feel! Top tip: Lighting can be your best friend or your worst enemy - Water reflects sunlight and can result in harsh highlights and unflattering shadows, so beware! Shooting earlier or later in the day can create a soft dreamy haze for an idyllic paradise pic, or you can wait for sunset and make some sexy silhouettes.

Mavele Dirty Fox Bikini


@_cristallee (Instagram) - Dirty Fox bikini, Mavele

Tash Oakley, Mavele

@tashoakley (Instagram)


This is photography 101! Basically, by dividing your picture into three parts horizontally and vertically, you’ll have a beautiful, balanced effect that gives your image a natural feel. The beach is the perfect place to practice this! The endless sky, the wide expanse of sea and the foamy shore are three beautiful sections that set the scene while pleasing the eye with this nifty trick. Make sure to place yourself to the side of the shot so there isn’t a central focus and the eye can roam freely. Also, the less subjects there are in your pic, the more immersive the result will be!
Top tip: Make sure the most interesting section of the image is the one that takes up the most space, so go for two-thirds of sea if the incoming tide looks amazing.

Thuymi, Mavele

@thuymi (Instagram)

Mavele, bikini


Now that you’ve got the background sorted it’s time to focus on you! Taking a good swimsuit pic isn’t just about knowing your best side but also about being creative with your poses. Mavele knows that beautiful beach bodies come in all shapes and sizes and anyone can look great! Placing your hands on your hips is a sure-fire way to accentuate your silhouette and exaggerate those curves! Standing on your tip toes elongates your frame and naturally engages your core for a long sophisticated look. Experiment with angles - take a sexy shot from above, capture your curvy profile or do some close-ups, focussing tightly on yourself while leaving the background soft. You’ll never know what works until you try!
Top tip: Have fun! Put your hands in the air, do a playful jumping shot or let your personality shine with a pretty close-up portrait. Like we always say - Be distinctly you!

Mavele Baby Cobra Bikini

@trainwithtanya (Instagram) - Baby Cobra bikini, Mavele

Mavele, Midnight Cobra bikini

@barbarabrigido (Instagram) & @carssun (Instagram) - Midnight Cobra bikini, Mavele

Mavele Leopard Whipray bikini

@haifadelity (Instagram) - Leopard Whipray bikini, Mavele

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Karen Louis
Karen Louis

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